Muscle Memory
Welcome to Step In Time, podiatry practice of Kevin Bromley BSc, DPodM, MSChP

I work with people to enable them to live life in comfort and minimise pain. I’m a professional podiatrist based in Herts and North London. I work through the feet to alleviate:
back ache - lower back in particular
feet in pain - including heel of the foot pain
toe problems
joint discomfort, such as knee and hip pain
shin splints and foot bunions

Pain in the lower back plus most other lower body symptoms are often caused by poor posture. Over time, this can cause pain and discomfort, often impairing movement and sports performance. I help you correct poor postural habits, re-gain control over how you move and feel comfortable. Consultations are available at my clinics in Hertfordshire:

Please do call me on 01438 869700. I look forward to helping you live your life in comfort.